Best Suffolk County Movie Theaters

So you’re looking for a movie theater in Suffolk County. Well today we have a great post for you. I know when I go to the movie theater I like to sit in seats that recline. They make watching the movie so much more enjoyable. When seats are hard and stiff, you seem to be concentrating more on the seat then you are at the movie. Especially when the movie is longer than one and a half hours. So today we’re going to give you a list of the best movie theaters in Suffolk County that will give you the best movie experience around.

Seaford Cinemas
Farmingdale Multiplex
Farmingdale UA
UA Stadium 12 on Brush Hollow Road in Westbury
Raceway theater by the Fortunoff Source Mall
Broadway Mall movie theatre in Hicksville
AMC Levittown on Hempstead Tpke
IMAX Theater in Garden City

So there you have it. The above is a great list of Suffolk County movie theaters to get you started. And just in case the movie theater is to dark to see and you trip and fall and need a Suffolk County DWI lawyer or DUI Attorney, you can click here give us a call. Good luck and have fun. Hope you see a great movie!